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Is Marcasite Ring is a good option to get as a promise ring?

Marcasite Ring

Is Marcasite Ring is a good option to get as a promise ring?

We all know what a beautiful Marcasite Ring depicts. It depicts commitment, emotions, and sentiments. When we talk about expressing our feelings to someone, the first gift that comes to our mind is a ring. It adds value to the relationship. You all might have gone to the Marcasite jewelry shopping thousands of times.Therefore, you will be having a massive collection of exquisite jewelry. From necklaces to earrings, you must be having everything.

Not just that, your jewelry box must also be having a beautiful ring collection. But is there any ring in the collection that is the promise ring? With that confusion, let me ask you another one.Do you think you should wear Marcasite Ring as a promise ring? The answer is quite simple here. But it needs to be explained in detail. To answer all your confusions, we have dug down everything you need to know. From the beliefs of promise rings to the option of marcasite ring, here is all of the information you should have.

Why Marcasite Ring is a good option as a promise ring?

Are you aware of the concept of the promise ring? If not, let me give you a brief overview. The history of the promise ring dates back to 1500. It is an era where people used to wear promise rings to show their commitments. Some people used Marcasite Ring as an option too. The concept was initiated in England from the literature.To show their love, people used to write short poems or beautiful messages on their promise rings. This concept extinct a long time ago. But in the century, America revamped the culture of the promise ring.

All the celebrities, including Justin Bieber and Emma Roberts, brought back this culture. Therefore, the promise ring culture is in trend these days.Many people, including these celebrities, believe that although the concept is outdated, the ring reflects commitment.Besides commitment, there are a lot of things a promise ring symbolizes. The ring, especially the Marcasite Ring, illustrates beauty. But there is more than that. It shows abstinence and blossoming romance. The ring is the ultimate emblem of purity.

Marcasite Ring

Therefore, couples wear this ring to remain pure till the marriage. Most of the time, before marriage, the couple is not together every time. The promise rings remind them of being together, even when they are apart for a day. It reminds them of their everlasting bond and commitment to each other. Moreover, a stunning promise ring also emblem the seriousness of the relationship. That is, how much in love the couple is.Aside from this, the promise rings also illustrate the friendship. And when they give the friendship promise rings, they prefer Marcasite Ring.

It is always simple and elegant. But the ring has a purpose too. Many people who are friends from children give promise rings to each other. It is a reminder of their long-lasting friendships. It also shows the bond that no one can break.Now that we know all about the promise ring, let us see another dimension to this statement. That is, why one should always opt for the Marcasite Ring. We have gone for a marcasite jewelry shopping. Therefore, we all know about the designs and styles of marcasite accessories.

They have thousands of varieties. From the heavy jewelry to an elegant look, they have it all. Most people choose a simple and elegant look for a promise ring. And what is more elegant than a plain and minimal Marcasite Ring? Indeed, it is the beauty of a marcasite ring. Even the heavy rings seem so elegant and beautiful. It is mostly because of the color of marcasite rings. The common marcasite rings come in silver color. Moreover, mostly it has three to four small silver stones. It makes the ring elegant and versatile.

Since you cannot remove the promise ring, it is an everyday ring. Thus, it should go with every outfit. This is where the marcasite ring helps. The silver color goes with everything. This is just not it. Even the heavy Marcasite Ring comes with a massive stone. These massive stones are usually black or red. Both the colors, again, are royal and versatile. They go with every outfit. This is why people consider marcasite rings as their promise rings.

Now that it has convinced you, here is which Marcasite Ring you can buy as a promise ring.

Here is the list of the top designs of the Marcasite Ring as a promise ring

Marcasite Ring

1. Silver Diamond Marcasite Promise Ring

It is the safest Marcasite Ring option to go for. Most girls like a simple and minimal look as a promise ring. The silver diamond ring does not have any flashy colors. It comes in a silver color with a silver small stone. It makes the ring more simple and sophisticated.

1. A Red Stone Marcasite Promise ring

Red is truly a royal color. Thus, if you want your girl to feel like a queen, give her the red stone promise ring. Although it has a red color stone, it is still not very heavy. It is because the red stone is very small and right at the center. This Marcasite Ring gives the stone a royal, but minimal look.

1. A Black Stone Marcasite Promise ring

If your girl is a jewelry person or loves stones, give her the black stone promise ring. It is a chic and elegant ring with a giant black stone. The black giant stone is in the center that elevates the look. But it still does not give a gaudy or heavy look. It is because of the black color. The black color, itself, is elegant. Therefore, it makes the whole look come together.

To sum up, if you want to give a promise ring, you should go for the Marcasite Ring. It has all the elements the promise rings need to have. From simplicity to beauty, it offers everything at affordable prices. The dozens of varieties are the cherry on top.

Are you looking for a promise ring? Well, a Marcasite Ring is the only option here. Get to know more about the marcasite ring as a promise ring in this article.


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