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Can you wear a necklace with a turtle neck?


Since the winter season is here, it’s time to rate our top best winter styling outfits to wear. Turtlenecks of course come first in every sense of the way. There’s a certain class that oozes from this style, one that you shouldn’t hesitate to glamour up with accessories. You can always wear bracelets and rings over sweaters but the question is whether you can wear a necklace. We’ll have to say “HELL YAH’.

Necklaces have always been worn with turtlenecks however their way of wearing has evolved quite a bit. Back in old times, people used to wear necklaces either peeking out of the turtleneck or worn messily under it. That just defeats the purpose of wearing such beauties, what’s the point if you can’t flaunt it? It would be blasphemy to wear it so inconspicuously.

Due to this, as the fashion industry started making a name for it, different styles of wearing jewelry got introduced. Now people don’t shy away from wearing necklaces right over the turtlenecks. They give way for others to give in to their looks and versatile ways of styling themselves. There are many ways you can make different types of necklaces work in turtlenecks except for chokers. They can easily be camouflaged without you noticing it.

Can you wear a necklace with a turtle neck?


Styles you can wear in

The best way to wear jewelry is to display it out of the turtle neck. Accessories need to be shown off with abandon, just wear them right out of the turtle neck with a clasp hidden under it. There are many different ways you can wear it, some are mentioned below:

Simple yet elegant:

Sometimes lathering on layers of necklaces doesn’t seem to work out, especially for turtle necks. Wear a simple round clasp necklace over the turtle neck to accent the neckline. It would look simple yet classy. Wear it with a short chain that fits right into the crew of the neckline so it can be displayed completely.

There are many necklaces like that, that can be found. Some in silver, others in gold. The best is that you can wear them in any design you like because there are many options that you can look into. Even a string of pearls wrapped around the chain would look amazing over the turtle’s neck. It would nicely frame your whole look without you having to pack it with anything else.

Try out something daunting:

If you’re someone who likes giving statements through your looks, this may be your style to try out. If your turtle neck’s on a plainer side then you can go with something exotic and daunting like thick necklaces. Fancy necklaces like these would enhance your neckline and give you a more dramatic appearance. Moreover, you can let your confidence shine through with these accessories to deal with.

It’s all about finding what looks best on you and makes you look like the best version of yourself. These necklaces would look amazing on your turtlenecks and define your appearance as well. Many celebrities have tried out this look and have proved it to be the best style to draw attention to you.


One-of-a-kind style

If you really are into fashion and like experimenting with different styles, you could go from something bold and unique. A piece that isn’t worn by everyone and is a symbol of who you actually are. Accessories are the best when customized with your own sense of style that showcases your personality.

Nothing’s greater than wearing something that gives a slight touch of your taste and preference. Style your turtleneck with that look and you’ll be good to go. Don’t be afraid to ask for suggestions but make sure the final decision is yours to work with. That way you’ll know the piece is truly yours to display.

Try multiples

Another way you can style your turtle neck is by layering it with multiple layers of necklaces. Since turtle necks are usually pretty simple with a single defining the whole shirt, you can layer it up. Layering up means wearing several chains or long necklaces over the neckline to give it your own basic look.

The several layers you wear with it not only include different necklaces but necklaces with different strands as well. You may have seen influencers try this look to make their outfits look more aesthetic, it’s just the way you style yourself to intensify your look.

Long necklaces:

In the chaos that comes with wearing multiple necklaces, wearing a long necklace certainly makes a difference. Many fashion enthusiasts try long necklaces over turtle necks because in our opinion it’s the best style for it. Any blank space from your neck to your torso easily gets hidden with this look. Just make sure to find a long necklace that isn’t all that minimalistic and defines your appearance.

Chunky chains:

Since chunky chains are in again, you can wear them with a turtle neck by adding a little more edginess to them. If you have a knitted turtle neck sweater dress, is ok you can even pair that with your chunky long chains.

The contrast would add even more glam and sparkle to the jewelry in your outfit. The softness of the knitted sweater would go smoothly with the edginess of your chunky chains. That’s exactly what most of us want our styles to turn out like.



Trying out trends certainly makes it easy for us to make our outfits more creative and aesthetic. They give us more ideas to work through so we know what to pair with and where. What’d always been a mystery is the question of whether we should wear necklaces over turtle necks.

Since we’ve gathered some of the best ways you can wear it with a turtle neck, the answer is yes. You can certainly wear necklaces over turtle necks. With research and more evolution in the fashion industry, designers have come up with great ways to wear jewelry.

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Turtle necks are still in fashion and are some of the top trendings in fashion outwear for you. Spice up your outfit with stylish necklaces on turtle necks to make your day!

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