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How often should you get your silver earrings polished?

Have you had some clearing up of your silver jewelry stash lately and found some surprises in it? If that’s the case then we’re truly sorry. silver earrings polished There’s no greater grief than when your jewelry gets dull with no state to be used. We’ve all been there and faced these issues. The pain is darker when this happens to your silver earrings as silver is the one metal that gets dull.

It’s our guilty pleasure as no one can resist a shiny, sparkly pair of silver earrings. This means even though we know what we’ll end up with after some time of use, we’ll still buy it. Silver earrings come in many different designs, each one better than the next. All the gorgeously twinkling earrings hanging on your favorite brand of shoes will certainly tempt you in every which way.

silver earrings polished make staying away from this kind of jewelry pretty hard. That’s why it’s crucial to take care of it and keep it clean. If they are damaged beyond repair then you just have to find some other way to work through them.

How often should you get your silver earrings polished?

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How to clean silver earrings

Silver has always been a precious yet lustrous metal that needs some gentle loving to be thoroughly cleaned. silver earrings polished If you use force, you’ll have to say goodbye to your jewelry forever as the tarnish will only worsen. That’s why we’ve got the best ways you can clean yours without adding more damage to them.

All of these cleaning methods are authentic and would work. You can do these home remedies to make your old jewelry new without wasting money on buying new ones. This is especially for recycling all your precious silver earrings that haven’t seen the light of day.

Soap+warm water

You’ll have to start by adding a few drops of soap preferably ones that aren’t all that reactive to water. The water has to be warm enough to work on the silver earrings. polished Make sure to mix them all until bubbles are formed. Take out all the tarnished jewelry and add it to the solution. Wait until the jewelry is soaked for about 5 to 10 minutes.  polished After the wait is over, start gently brushing a fragile bristle brush over the services.

The movement should be hurried or vigorous. Do it with care and softness. Then take all the warm water and rinse the jewelry with it. silver earrings polished To dry your piece, use a silver cloth or a microfiber towel to get all the moisture out. silver earrings polished Beware of using harsh paper towels or tissues as they might scratch the surface of your jewelry.

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Baking soda+water

If you think silver that is heavily tarnished stays that way then you’re wrong. We’ve come across the best way you can ensure that your jewelry goes back to its original form. silver earrings polished The solution starts with adding baking soda to water. Add 3 parts of baking soda to 1 part of water so you can have the perfect way to remove tarnishes. silver earrings polished The baking soda seeps right into the dulled parts, neutralizing their effect and turning it lighter.

First, wet the silver earrings and use the cleaner with the help of a lint-free soft cloth. Rub it in a slick motion with the paste as you push it right into the crevices. You’ll start seeing the cloth getting gray as you keep on rubbing it.  Once you get all the dullness out of it, rinse the jewelry with water.

How often should you polish your silver earrings?

When you’ve run out of DIY remedies for jewelry cleaning, your only hope is polishing. What polishing does is bring back the shine and glimmer that your piece once possessed before it got tarnished. silver earrings polished All major brands tell you to polish your jewelry a few times in a lifetime. This is because every time you make your silver earrings go through it, you’ll be removing a metal piece.

This would reduce the actual life of your jewelry. polished Due to this, it is recommended that you get your jewelry polished only once a year. silver earrings polished If you think that won’t make much of a difference then feel free to do it 2 to 6 times a year. That way you’ll know how to do it.

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Polishing tips

Polishing takes some expertise and patience to get to those perfect results for yourself and your precious jewelry. silver earrings polished For this to work, you need to polish your silver earrings with a soft, lint-free cloth. Something that isn’t rough like paper towels or even tissues so you can prevent scratches from appearing. Move the cloth in a back-and-forth motion where the cloth slides in this direction over the center of the silver earrings.

Make sure not to move the cloth in a circular motion. That way all the scratches already present would immediately be highlighted. Follow these tips and you’ll get amazing results. Keep doing the polishing method until the tarnishing is all gone. If its’ still in place then go for all those alternate cleaning methods. Most of them are highly effective.


Owning some precious earrings is like having a pet animal; you have to take care of it like one. Except you don’t have to feed it or play with it. silver earrings polished You just have to find a way to make room for it and treat it like a very precious belonging. This means cleaning any tarnish or damage that may be there on it.

The best way you can do that is by getting your silver earrings polished. polished Polishing is undoubtedly the most effective way to bring back your jewelry to its original state. Hopefully, our tips and tricks to clean jewelry are perfect to be used to bring them back to their original state.

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