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Top 10 silver earrings for Men

Highly recommend Top 10 silver earrings for Men

silver earrings

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There are a variety of silver earrings available in the market for men. Here are the top 10 different kinds of silver earrings that every man needs to get his hands on. 


Accessorizing your outfit can take your entire look to a whole new level. When it comes to men’s accessories, we usually think about watches and bands. However, most men these days have started wearing earrings, especially silver earrings to amp up their looks. It has started to become more acceptable for men to sport jewelry and piercings without any negative judgments. Here are different kinds of earrings for men to rock in 2021 that can instantly elevate their style! 

Top 10 Silver Earrings For Men:

Just like all the different varieties of earrings for women, the market for men’s earrings is not quite vast. Here are 10 different kinds of earrings for men that can transform their look from simple to edgy without overdoing it. 

silver earrings

#1 Mini Hoops: 

Hoops are the ultimate classic jewelry pieces no matter what era it is. For men, smaller hoops look classy yet trendy especially when they are made up of high-quality silver. Some small hoops come with dangling embellishments to add a bit more personality to the piece. These kinds of earrings are good for people who want to have a classy and timelessly attractive look. 

#2 Mobile Earrings:

Mobile earrings are also known as temporary, clip-on, or non-pierced earrings. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Mobile earrings are for men who like to experiment with their look. With these kinds of earrings, you can try out the different variations of earrings without having to commit to them. There are beautiful mobile silver earrings available in the market that you can get your hands on and change your look frequently. 

#3 Flesh Tunnels: 

If your personality leans more towards the daring type then flesh tunnel earrings are just for you. People with a faint heart or the ones who prefer a simpler look can stay away from flesh tunnel earrings. These earrings require special kinds of piercing in the skin as the whole ring is then inserted in the flesh of your ear. This entire process can be a time-taking and somewhat painful therefore it is not suitable for everyone. Since this type of earrings can come into contact with a larger area of your skin, it is recommended to opt for a hypoallergenic material to prevent any damage. Flesh tunnel silver earrings are perfect for people who want to go for this style without spending a fortune on these earrings. 

silver earrings

#4 Statement Studs: 

You can never go wrong with a pair of simple studs. Whether they are plain metal studs or jeweled ones, they will elevate your look without overdoing it. Most men go for statement studs with skulls, arrows, and other symbols that add a touch of grunge to your entire look. These studs are easy to put on and easy to remove so you can change your accessories following the outfit you are wearing. 

#5 Temporary Magnets: 

Magnet earrings are easy to put on even when you do not have piercings. Magnetic earrings have one part made of metal and the other end made up of a magnet that will hold the metal end to your ear lobe. Silver earrings can be attached to the lobe with the help of a strong magnet and give it the appearance of normal studs. These studs can also be changed according to the event and your outfit จี้เงินแท้

#6 Industrial Style Barbells: 

Barbells are also one of those earrings that are not for the faint-hearted. These piercings are usually reserved for the harder area of the ear. These earrings require the cartilage to be pierced. However, most men prefer to wear barbells on their ear lobes as well. The healing process with these earrings is a bit difficult but once the piercing is healed, it gives a rough and masculine appearance. 

silver earrings

#7 Bold Climbers:

Climbers look beautiful on both men and women. It gives a crafty and creative appearance to the wearer as it covers the whole ear. Most climber earrings are simple and have no embellishments. Climber silver earrings add a mysterious touch to your look. If you are a traveler and like to wander around then climber earrings are the best to display a touch of your exciting personality. 

#8 Single Ear Tapers:

Guys who incline the edgier style love taper earrings. It is one of the trendiest earring styles for men. Taper earrings are thicker at one end and slimmer at the other end which gives them a fierce look. This type of earrings comes in different shapes from straight to slightly curve to spiral. Modern tapers also come with a pin and a stopper that join together to form a taper earring for a hassle-free wearing experience. 

#9 Ear Cuffs: 

Cuffs on the cartilage look modern to all men. Hipster men opt for plain or dangling ear cuffs to accessorize their ears. It is one of the most commonly worn earrings among men. Most temporary silver earrings come in the form of ear cuffs that are not only easy to afford but also quite trendy. 

#10 Dangling Charm: 

Most men’s earrings come without a charm but the recent influence by KPOP stars has started normalizing dangling earrings for men. Even though this is a bold look compared to many other types of earrings. So, elevate your look with charm earrings and make a statement. 

Final Verdict: 

silver earrings

Wearing earrings will add a mysterious and rebellious touch you’re your overall look. With a variety of men’s earrings available in the market, it can be a bit challenging to get your hands on the pair that suits you the best. With this brief guide, you can choose the best silver earrings for yourself and look your absolute best! Choose the type that goes well with your style, your facial features, and sometimes even the theme of your outfit. 

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