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Can you polish, clean, and store Wholesale Silver Jewelry easily?


Silver accessories are a must-have in everyone’s jewelry box. But one should know how to keep their silver accessories clean and luster-free. Even high-quality and expensive wholesale silver jewelry can be discolored and can get dirty if not looked after properly. To help you with polishing, cleaning, and storing wholesale silver jewelry, we have listed down all about it.

Can you polish, clean, and store Wholesale Silver Jewelry easily


How to take care of your silver jewelry?

Following are some ways that will tell you how to take care of your silver jewelry:

• First of all, you need to make sure that you know the types of silver accessories so that you can understand at which point they will get dirty.
• Another way is to keep wearing it so that the moisture of your skin will keep it clean.
• Silver jewelry should be kept away from sunlight, household chores, lotion, perfume, chlorinated water, and other chemicals.
• You can also polish your jewelry with a special cloth that will remove all stains from silver jewelry.

Ways to Clean your silver jewelry:

People usually wonder about how to clean wholesale silver jewelry and most of them think that only professional cleaning is the answer to their query. Following are the ways to keep your silver jewelry clean at home:

1. Water and soap solution:

It is the most common cleaning method and should be used before trying other cleaning methods. Combine hot water with dishwashing soap and apply it to your jewelry. Once you are done cleaning, dry it out over paper and then store it in an airtight container.

2. Water with bicarbonate of soda:

To clean your jewelry, make a creamy structure by combining bicarbonate of soda with water and applying a tiny quantity to a towel. For your silver jewelry, you may also use a brush to remove dirt. After that, wash it with warm water and marvel at the incredible effects.


3. A sour liquid and bicarbonate of soda:

Immerse your jewelry in a mixture of 2 tbsp baking soda and a quarter glass of vinegar. Try this method if the above-mentioned method does not work. Keep your jewelry in this solution for about 3 to four hours.

4. Olive oil and lemon juice:

Lemon juice is very famous for its acidic properties. In a large mixing bowl, combine 1 teaspoon olive oil and half a glass of lemon juice, then dip a hand towel in it.. Use this cloth to clean your jewelry after this rinse it with warm water.

5. Give them to a professional cleaner:

If you are too busy to clean your jewelry yourself then you can hire a professional cleaner and don’t mean old prices of silver jewelry yourself ask them to clean it.

Ways to store wholesale silver jewelry:

Better than cleaning your jewelry is to store them properly. Following are some ways to store your silver jewelry properly:


-Airtight containers:

Airtight sealed packets are the best way to store silver jewelry. Limiting your jewelry to air will keep it rust-free and away from Sulphur. As the presence of Sulphur in the air forms a tarnish on the silver jewelry it is necessary to store them in airtight plastic bags.

-Anti-tarnishing strips:

These strips can help to prevent Sulphur from dropping on the silver jewelry. They can be placed in a jewelry box or a container where you put your silver jewelry.

-Store in lower humidity temperatures:

Wholesale silver jewelry tarnishes quickly and more commonly in the summer season when the humidity level is high. Another way to prevent it from humidity is to store it in silica packets.

-Storing each accessory separately:

Make sure that you keep all your silver accessories sped are from each other so that they don’t get scratched.

How to polish wholesale silver jewelry:

Laundry detergent and aluminum foil:

It is an appropriate technique to get rid of all the tarnish. Fill your bowl with boiling water after lining it with tinfoil. After that, whisk in a spoonful of washing detergent. Now drop your silver jewelry in it and let your jewelry soak for around a minute. Now take your jewelry out using the kitchen tongs and then rinse your jewelry using lukewarm water. Now lay down the jewelry on a paper towel and let your timeless pieces get dried.

Baking soda and aluminum foil:

It is another stunning recipe for cleaning and polishing wholesale silver jewelry. The soda-aluminum bath serves useful for cleaning silver jewelry. Cover your large baking pan’s bottom using aluminum foil keeping the shiny side on the top. Make use of ceramic or glass baking ware to avoid using metalware to prevent any metallic reactions. Fill the pan with water and add 1.5 tablespoons of baking soda to it. Now bring this water to boil to get rid of all the tarnish from the wholesale silver jewelry. Take out all jewelry using kitchen tongs and let the silver jewelry dry out allowing them to dry. Avoid using this technique for jewelry having gemstones.

Cornflour and water:

To restore the shine and polish of your silver jewelry you can try out this technique. Make sure to prepare a paste of cornflour and water. Apply this mixture over your silver jewelry and let it dry. Once it’s dry rub it off using the towel. If you don’t have cornflour at home, you can use a cream of tartar as an alternative.


If you follow the methods listed above then you’ll end up keeping your wholesale silver jewelry lasting for years. Hope this guide helps you get rid of all the tarnish from your silver jewelry. Enjoy wearing your beautifully polished jewelry pieces at all events without any hassle now.

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